What do you really want from your life? Have you got it? Have you unlocked your full potential or are you still looking for the key? There may be several locks on your potential: ability, opportunity, motivation, but the first key you need is always attitude. Without a positive frame of mind, you may not even find the door.

Thinking positively is crucial to your success.

It has often been said that perception is nine-tenths of what you see. If what you see is your own lack of ability, lack of opportunity and resultant lack of motivation to do the things you want to do, then maybe it’s time to change your perception.

Remember a time when you were thinking negatively, perhaps it was “I’m not good at managing my money.” or “I won’t get that promotion.” or even “I don’t deserve to be happy.”? Did it turn out to be true? Probably.

Imagine if you really believed that you were good with money. Imagine if you really believed you were ready and able to be promoted. Imagine if you really believed you deserved to be happy. If you believe it then you have taken the first, and most difficult, step to making it true.

Now remember a time when you felt confident, when you knew that you could do what you were asking of yourself, when you were thinking positively. Not only did you most likely succeed, you probably had fun doing it as well.

Sometimes, a change to positive thinking seems too big. If so, don’t give up, instead imagine you are changing gears in a car. You wouldn’t shift from reverse to forward in one change, would you? No, first you would put the gears into neutral. So, if you find your thinking is negative, just ask yourself, “What assumptions am I making about this situation?” What hard facts do you really have that are telling you that it can’t be done? Probably very few. Usually we make assumptions, particularly in our dealings with other people. Be honest: you don’t really know the other person’s views, thoughts and intentions; you don’t really know that they won’t agree with you / support you / believe you / help you. Those are assumptions based on either their previous behaviour, something you’ve heard from someone else or even just your own fear of success. So shift the gears into neutral and acknowledge that you don’t really know that you won’t succeed. Based on what you actually know, success is entirely possible. Now that you know that you can succeed, you’re on the way to believing that you will succeed. Having shifted the gears to neutral, you can now shift to ‘think positive’ and move forward, looking for ways to bring about your success. Whatever it may look like.

Thinking positively centres on the fact that your frame of mind is your most powerful tool in life.