Today’s reality can seem very negative if you let it. With the news being about the recession, redundancies, inflation, sometimes it can feel as if there is a lot of bad news around. Negativity is contagious, just like the seasonal flu and too much bad news can leave you feeling down. The good news is that you can also catch a positive attitude, and not only does thinking positive get you better results, it also makes you feel better!

A 10-year corporate study by Aston Business School in Birmingham found a link between chief executives’ attitudes and the performance of their employees and companies. Put simply, you attitude matters; not just to you but also to anyone who depends on you: colleagues, family, friends. The BIG question can be: how do you do it? You know positivity feels better, gets better results, but when there are fewer jobs, rising prices, bad news in the media and you look at the state of your bank balance, how do you ‘think positive’?

  • Well let’s think in terms of the 3 ‘P’s of positivity:
  • Is is Personal?
  • Is it Permanent?
  • Does it affect the big Picture?
  • Sometimes it can helpful to stop a moment and realise that in most cases it (whatever “it” is) isn’t directed at you personally, it is a temporary state of affairs, and even while it lasts, it doesn’t affect the whole of your life; the big picture is still the same.

    Here are a few tips on how to recover from negativity and catch the habit of thinking positive.

    Information Overload
    If you there is too much bad news in the media, ask yourself how much you actually need to have a general grasp of current events, how much you need for your work, and how much for your personal life. Then take a conscious decision to limit your exposure to the media to just enough to meet the needs you have identified. Less bad news = less negativity.

    Have an Attitude of Gratitude
    Focus on the positive aspects of your life or day and take pleasure in them: a cup of tea, a hug, half an hour with a good book, whatever it is, enjoy it.

    Review Your Values
    What is really important to you? What are the personal values that make you, you? Think about how you are measuring up to your own standards and make a choice to do so regardless of the newspapers or the stock market or your bank balance.

    Have a Plan There is a well-known motivational phrase about having the wisdom to know what is within your control and what is not. Focus your positivity on the issues that you can influence where it will do you (and others) the most good: what you spend, whose company you keep, how you relate to others, and so on

    Think positive and strengthen your attitude’s immune system against negativity.