Theory without practise is just talk without action; the illusion of progress. This is your 7-step programme of real, positive change. It’s time to change your everyday reality for the better.

Day One – Desires Day
First, you need to be clear about where you are going on this journey. Today is about taking time out and achieving clarity on what you desire from life. What do you need to happen?

“When you’re not being pulled and pushed by your emotions, you create more freedom to choose where to direct your attention and what you wish to change. It’s like getting shelter from the wind so that you can catch your breath and look around.”
– Paul McKenna (2011)
Today’s action: Make a list of your specific desires. What would be on that list if you knew you could not fail?

Day Two – Ideas Day
To change your life, you have to do something different. Today is about personal innovation. Involve others (family, friends, colleagues, neighbours) because their perspectives and ideas will be different to yours. Spend today thinking positive about new experiences that could change your life.

Today’s action: Think about your desires and then generate as many ideas for achieving them as possible – simple, complicated, sensible, crazy, high risk, low risk – aim for a good mix.

Day Three – Decisions Day
It’s time to focus. Your first two days’ work have given you the raw material, today you are going to decide what to aim for, how to get there and when to do it. Whatever you do, don’t cross out all the risky, crazy stuff from yesterday.

“My general philosophy in life is you never really go wrong saying yes.”
– Sir Richard Branson

Today’s action: Create an action plan for achieving your desires, set timescales and milestones and build in flexibility. Relax and remember you can revisit this plan and amend it whenever you need to.

Day Four – Actions Day
Taking action is the real difference between wishful thinkers and successful individuals. You have a plan, now act; don’t let the plan go stale. Look at the last three days and ask yourself what you will do today. New lives do not grow well with the weeds of procrastination. Regular, daily action (however small) is the key to real change.

Today’s action: Do at least one concrete thing today to moves you towards your desires – a phone call to a friend, an email to the bank, a jog around the block – something that contributes.
Day Five – ‘Think Positive’ Day
To keep that stream of daily actions flowing, you need a positive perspective. Ask yourself some positive questions and let the answers empower you and increase your resourcefulness.

  • Who or what makes me feel happiest?
  • When do I feel the most loved and appreciated?
  • When have I felt the most successful?
  • What makes me feel rich in coin and spirit?
  • When do I feel most relaxed and calm?
  • What makes me feel that anything is possible?
  • “Successful people ask better questions, and as a result, they get better answers” – Anthony Robbins

    Today’s action: Ask yourself the questions above (and any others that you can think of) and build a resource bank of positive answers that you can use to keep positive as you make your changes.

    Day Six – Anchors Day
    Yesterday, you built up a store of positive thoughts and memories. Today you are going to anchor yourself to that thinking and stop yourself drifting into a sea of negativity. An anchor can be an object, a sound, a physical feeling, anything that is connected to that positive feeling and can be used to recall it just when you need it.

    Today’s action: Pick some of the strongest and most positive of the answers to Day Five’s questions and identify something that strongly evokes that thought or memory. For example, it might be the t-shirt you were wearing at the time or the song that was on the radio. Wear that t-shirt or play that song, etc. whenever you need to summon up your positive attitude.

    Day Seven – Reflection Day
    Today is a day for reflection and celebration. It’s time to notice the progress you’re making and renew your motivation for the next 7 days. What have you achieved so far? What new experiences have you had? What daily actions have you taken? Which anchors are working best for you?

    Today’s action:
    Reward yourself for your successes and decide on your personal innovations and actions for the coming week.
    You can use this 7-day process every week to focus on a specific area of your life such as: health, wealth, career, relationships, fitness, further education, stress management, time management; the possibilities are endless.

    “The starting point of all achievement is desire. Keep this constantly in mind. Weak desires bring weak results, just as a small amount of fire makes a small amount of heat.”
    – Napoleon Hill