Whether it’s Nicole Kidman for Chanel, Lara Stone and Justin Bieber for Calvin Klein or George Clooney sipping Nespresso, there is no denying that the status of a celebrity can propel the awareness of any brand. Fact is, people idolise celebrities, so when famous people are seen in adverts with a new product, target consumers are prompted (subliminally or directly) to buy that product. Simply put, the right celebrity face can widen your business, but this special partnership has to be carefully managed and planned. But how do you start?


Pick carefully

It seems obvious, but the first step is to hunt for a celebrity who fits with your band. This means identifying an ambassador who has an interest or a direct link in the message you want to communicate. For example, if your brand is child-friendly, don’t link up with a celebrity who is frequently papped falling home at 5am. Consumers are getting savvier and it is no longer enough to endorse a celebrity to read a script, so stay true to the vision of who you would like to represent your brand and do not sacrifice on it.


Reaching out

Ok, you’ve identified your perfect celebrity fit but how do you go about reaching out? We suggest making this process as organic as possible. Send the celeb your product and ask for a quote – if the celebrity likes (and believes) in the product, you are already half way there. The most common way to get your product into the hands of celebrities is through their agent, who can usually be found simply by Googling.


Introducing yourself


Send the agent an email with all the information you have about your brand, detailing which celebrity you are considering (bearing in mind that agents often represent more than one client) and explaining the commitment you require (including brand advertisement, radio interview etc.). The agent will be able to inform you of the celebrity’s interest and give you a price.


Leveraging the potential


If the celebrity agrees to partner, and the legal contracts are locked down, it’s time to understand how to get the best bang for your buck. Our advice is to recruit public relations experts to leverage the full potential that comes with a well-known face. Their objective is to nail down as much press exposure as possible, which also means briefing the celebrity fully on the brand so they are equipped for any media questions. This also means giving your celebrity full access to the brand value proposition so that they can photograph them for their social media platforms.


Measure the success


It’s worth asking your PR company to keep all the cuttings from media coverage and then corresponding these to sales during the weeks following. Further ways to measure success includes larger brand awareness in target consumer groups (which can be measured through focus groups) and the raising awareness in a wider category (thus, opening sales opportunities up to a wider audience).



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