The Artificial Intelligence Future of Design

Amazon isn’t internationally recognised with designer fashion (yet) but the company looks set to lead the way when it comes to AI fashion creators. Forget stylists and designers, the e-commerce powerhouse has reported that they are working on several machine-learning applications that might serve to identify, react to and even create the latest fashion trends.

Robot Design

While the image of a robot designer at the head of Dior seems far-fetched, the algorithms that Amazon are using aren’t that much of a reach. In fact, the company claims to be able to identify products popping up on social-media posts and jump on a trend before it becomes, well, mainstream. And it’s this collecting of research in its infancy that Amazon believe might serve to create a better product offering and increase the popularity of their clothing business.


Fast Fashion

Imagine it – Amazon spots a trend and quickly designs clothes via an AI and then produces them on-demand! It would change the whole fast fashion model as we know it and pose a real threat to the designer powerhouses who compete with seasonal collections. However, the reality is a little less sci-film film and more to be viewed as a tool that might assist the fashion industry in making more informed choices. We’re talking about a platform that might identify influencers before they have actually influenced. The ability to back a trend before it’s even sprouted and have stock in accordance to demand.


Tracking Social Media Activity

Of course, Amazon isn’t the first company to address the importance of users’ social media activity with forward-thinking brands already using Instagram and Pinterest to track fashion trends and react quickly. We’ve already talked about the idea of personalised shopping experiences and how brands like Louis Vuitton are serving to create a unique product that is worthy of sharing on social media.

Trend Prediction

However, Amazon’s advancements in this field don’t stop at mere trend prediction. On the contrary, their algorithms are being pushed to new levels with machine learning that can analyse images and decide whether something is stylish or not. The software is said to produce feedback on fashion and make suggestions for improvement. This advancement is said to be cutting edge since machines generally require real-world situations to make comparisons against.


Designer Fashion

While Amazon continue to push the potential of fast fashion, such advancements don’t look likely to pose a threat to designer fashion which still values qualities like craftsmanship. However, even the label powerhouses will be sitting up and taking interest in the new methods Amazon are using to collect market data.


The Future

As cutting edge as such advancements seem, fashion shapers need not panic just yet. There will always be a very real need for a fashion designers because, ultimately, people are innovators. In fact, to date, there hasn’t been any new music or fashion style that has been generated totally by machine that has been adopted widely by people. So, while machine learnings can continue to give us new market insights, the need for people at the forefront remains higher than ever.

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