Whether you’re a multi-national company or a newbie designer crafting from your living-room, the path to success is the same. However, not every multi-national will stand the test of time, nor will every designer flourish to become a house-hold name because not every brand knows the secrets to real, long-lasting success in the fashion game. That’s not to suggest that there is a secret formula, or an elixir of longevity in the fashion business. On the contrary, the fashion world is fickle and breaking into (and staying in) it takes hard-work and resilience, yet there are some things that successful fashion brands do better than their rivals, as retail fashion business consultants, we know these secrets and break them down in five steps:


Successful Fashion Brands Know That Detail Is King

Even as small-fry, it’s important that you behave like a champ when it comes to detail. Do not overlook detail in favour of racing ahead, hoping that one day you can revert back to it. Now is the time to nail the fine-print, start as you mean to go on and begin first with your branding. Even before they achieved worldwide domination, Nike were savvy enough to know that one day consumers would identify the brand by a simply ‘swoosh’. Imagine that conversation back in a small boardroom, it would almost seem arrogant, but it highlights the importance of detail even from the start-line.


Successful Fashion Brands Hook The Customer With Colour

Once you commit to the detail it’s important to be aware of the bigger picture in which fashion retailers exist.  Successful fashion brands do not commit to logos, fonts, or product ranges just because they simply ‘like’ them – they do it because they understand the science behind everything and that rings especially true with colour. Colour is used as a selling tool in logos, advertising, packaging and even in the fitting of stores, and successful fashion brands know what colour evokes a positive purchasing decision. You can read more about the science of colour here but know that green symbolises growth, freshness, and fertility (think of Starbucks), orange represents joy, sunshine, attraction and success (think of Hermès) and red evokes feelings of passion and assertiveness (think of H&M and Rayban).


Successful Fashion Brands Don’t Try To Please Everyone

If you look at successful fashion brands, you will see that they don’t try to target everyone (at least not until they have a multi-brand portfolio the size of Burberry). Instead, they identify a niche and gun for them, staying true to the values that the core target market invests in. Every fashion brand consultant will insist that, as you build a business, you try to stay true to your end customer but apply this focused ethos to your total journey – you cannot be everyone’s friend, this goes for suppliers and employees. Do not take on the mission to convert everyone, focus on pleasing your niche and please them well.

Successful Fashion Brands Ask For Advice

When the CEO of Boden started his empire he famously called the CEO of Tesco and asked him out for lunch. During that date, Johnnie Boden is said to have picked Terry Leahy’s brains on all the steps (and pitfalls) to success. Successful fashion brands know that no man is an island and a lot can be learned by speaking to people in similar industries. You don’t need to have the ear of the CEO of Tesco (although great if you do), but network in the right circles and you won’t knocked off kilter by any industry changes.

Successful Fashion Brands Believe In Themselves (Long Before Their Customer Did)

Finally, BELIEVE –  if you don’t have sheer belief in the potential of your fashion brand throughout any hardship, why should you expect your customer to?



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