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Think Positive specialises in leadership and development issues in an organisational context. Working closely with executives Dr. Antonio Marsocci helps them to develop leadership qualities and management skills: Conducting tests and evaluating performance of executives and pointing out areas to work on; Conducting debate to improve team work and develop self-confidence; Assisting clients’ employees in progressing their career by building skills for the next-level job position; Preparing leadership development plans and ensuring clients achieve their goals as planned; Conducting workshop, individual and group sessions

The coaching that Antonio offers is a one-to-one partnership. With a relationship based on trust, he helps his clients examine the way in which they operate. A successful business depends on its leaders and Think Positive will work with the client to create and implement a leadership strategy that will engage them in the future of their organisation.

By raising awareness of the barriers, attitudes and aptitudes that affect their decisions, Think Positive will support managers in developing strategies to achieve their goals. Through thoughtful, provocative coaching, people learn about themselves and how to move on confidently, enthusiastically and productively.

Some of the areas that can be addressed by executive coaching are:

  • .
    leadership/management skills
  • .
    barriers to change , strategic systems thinking and innovation
  • .
    career management and organisation development
  • .
    motivation, vision, mission
  • .
    presentation skills
  • .
    conflict resolution
  • .
    managing relationships and cultural change
  • .
    delegation skills, team building
  • .
    work/life balance
  • .
    interpersonal communication, corporate governance
  • .
    managing stress

Depending on client needs, the framework used by Think Positive for executive coaching uses either

The GROW model:








Will/Wrap up/What next
The ACHIEVE model:


Assess the current situation


Creative brainstorming of alternatives


Hone goals


Initiate options


Evaluate options


Valid action program design


Encourage momentum

During the coaching relationship, the coach’s role is to listen, offer insight and ask questions in order to clarify the client’s understanding of the situation and move them to action. The client brings the content while the coach provides the process.Before the first session, we discuss and agree a coaching contract that covers the expectations of all concerned, confidentiality and the form and level of any feedback reports. While the content of each session remains between client and coach, a method will be agreed by which progress can be reported back to the client’s company.

Best practice suggests that a blended approach to development leads to the best outcomes. Think Positive suggests that the effectiveness of the coaching process can be enhanced by tailored training workshops.

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