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I will help you grow profitable sales and I will manage projects you need to outsource

Antonio Marsocci founded Think Positive with the objective of helping brands and retail businesses grow revenue. It’s as simple as that. We help business owners at all levels get their operations aligned in a way that boosters their business. This includes consulting on the customer services offering and branding, decreasing overheads, advising on collections business operations and routes to markets.

Partner in Brands and Retail

Antonio understands that the brands world is not for the faint heated. With its razor-thin margins and the pressure to bet on the next fashion. Couple this with digital advancements and changing consumer trends which threated to disrupt the consumer model on a daily basis and it’s amazing that many retailers opt to navigate the marketplace without support. However, the industry leaders that opt to parent up with a consultant stand to benefit from the support of an ally. A consultant can help advise on industry practice and implement customised solutions that aren’t just addressing today’s challenges but creating opportunities for tomorrow.

Operational Insight

We work by breaking down your total operations (from shop floor to head office and every area in between) and addressing your pain points. After all, the key to running a successful retail organisation is consistency at every level. However, some business owners and boards of directors might have lost visibility of what is happening at every level of the supply chain. We work to give this foresight back, to give you control of your operations at every level and to make active improvements in each area. Our consultancy services might stand to be the biggest investment you will ever make.


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Profit & Loss

Increase sales – reduce cost of purchases – control and reduce the sale related expenditure – reduce your overheads – increase your margins – increase your profits

Retail Stores Portfolio

Optimum store profile – size – location – performance – geographic reach – acquisitions – re-sites – disposals – landlords’ relationship

Visual & Display

Retail format effectiveness – changes to store environment – space allocation – product mix and merchandise presentation – customer journey – windows and display planning – hotspots


Operations – performance – analyses – reporting – customer service – development – logistics – product mix – marketing – C.R.M. – courier management – warehouse implementation –logistic and supply chain

Customer Service

Mystery shopping – customer service performance – shop environment – selling techniques – product knowledge – services – services knowledge

Sales Performance Improvement

Budgets – key performance indicators – targets – sale through – sales by division – sales by department – sales by category – sales reports – selling tools – selling skills – behaviours – sales training


Right people in the right position – recruitment and selection – induction programmes – development programme – appraisal – training programmes – managing by objectives – contract of employment and contents – motivational techniques – performance management – manpower – deployment versus footfall – productivity by hour – job descriptions – staff rotation


Epos Implementation – System Maintenance and Analysis – Supply Chain and Logistics Overview and Implementation – Courier Management


Central support – processes – procedures – systems – facilities management – stock holding – stock handling – inventory – maintenance – services – suppliers – sale floor space – warehousing – logistics – transport – housekeeping standards – packaging – health & safety – outlet audits – courier management – warehouse implementation –logistic and supply chain

Global Market Expansion

Investors – franchising – distributions – agents- licensing – Wholesale

Brand Identity

Brand name – communication style –logo – packaging – key colors –corporate typeface – photoshoots – brand book – look books – corporate forms-

Customer Relationship Management

Optimised collection of customer data – customer acquisition – customer retention – segmentation of customers’ database – analysis of customer spending – loyalty cards – mailing clients – profitable relationships – client retention.

Design and Product Development

Inspiration of collections – fashion and market trends – mood boards – structure of collections- sketches – sourcing – outfits building – fabrics – sampling – fittings