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Coaching and consultancy video calls are for extremely busy business owners, executives and individuals who want to work with me on any aspect of their business, career or work environment, without time or location restrictions

Do you need a business coach or consultant, call us now on 020 8678 7378

Coaching video calls can be organised at any time of the day, evening and during weekends, from the comfort of your office or home.

Coaching video calls in 10 easy steps:

You complete the “Coaching video call client preparation form” and email it to me. This form contains the topics you want to cover and any issues you are facing, as well as anything you are learning and your recent accomplishments.

I review the preparation form and may contact you for clarification or questions.

I will video call  you at the scheduled time.

We review the preparation form and discuss your recent accomplishments and needs.

We move on tackle any distractions, blocks, frustrations, drains, etc. We clarify what you want and what is in your way.

We develop an action plan to reach your goals, conquer your blocks and face fears.

You commit to follow through on any homework and report back when you have accomplished the work. (I represent the commitment you make to yourself to take action.)

I ask you how you benefitted from each call and what you suggest for future calls.

We confirm the time for the next call.

You follow through on the action plan we created. Feel free to contact me via email or phone for help, support and motivation in between each session.


Buy now a coaching call with Dr. Antonio Marsocci of 60minutes for £300 or nine calls for £2400.
Upon receipt of payment the Think Positive Team will contact you to arrange a convenient time



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