Luxury Push Notifications

A recent survey by Luxury Institute showed that 67% of affluent smartphone users shop for luxury goods through their devices. So, the first stage in cementing a relationship between consumer and brand is the decision to download the app. The second stage is linking app use to the purchasing platform. Instagram masters this with the added the functionality of ‘tap and view’ at the published photo. This allows Instagrammers to easily proceed in the shopping of the displayed products.

However, brands have to work hard to stimulate engagement even when apps are not in use and not succumb to “out of sight, out of mind”. One way to do this is push notifications which notify users about new events, products or messages even when they are not actively using the app. With this push notifications, brands have the option to segment based on purchase history, locations and preferences. Couple this with the potential to ‘geo push’ (automatically send relevant pieces of information based on the current location of the customer) and you keep on influencing the customer’s decision at any time, in any place.

Drone Delivery

Everyone in the fashion world knows drone delivery is coming, the question is when? At the moment, the technology exists to allow the customer to order a designer handbag by immediate drone drop – the problem, as it stands, is the regulation. In fact, officials are casting doubt over the whole sector by announcing that they might not confirm regulations on drone delivery for another few years.

Will we see drone delivery in 2018? Major discount brands are pushing forward with this, 7-Eleven and Amazon have succeeded in making a series of drone drops but can luxury brands really adopt such a ‘no frills’ service? The challenge comes in the adaption process, taping into the luxury benefits that drones offer. One example of this lies in swarm technology which was employed at this year’s Coachella. During the music festival, 300 drones were used to light up the sky and create a star backdrop that gave festival goers a highly individual, and no doubt, spectacular experience. Creatives will love drones for their ability to create cinematic perspectives. Couple this mission of offering unique experiences and you can imagine drones at Fashion Weeks, bringing personalised gifts to editors and journalists to create a fuller experience.



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