Designer Childrenswear Brings In The Bucks

Furthermore, Tods Bottega and Prada also make shoes especially for small feet and Net-a-Porter has registered the domain Petite-a-Porter. On top of this, Harrods have over 66,000 sq ft devoted to little people.

However, despite the company of these heavy-weights, the decision to launch into this market is not one to be taken lightly. Here we give the low-down on marketing designer-wear to the littlest consumers.


Later Life Parents

More and more people are having children in later life, which means that by the time they become parents, they have a higher disposable income. Not only this, but they have had a longer time with a disposable income and might already be converted to luxury brands. With this in mind, it’s important to remember to keep parents connected to the brand even when they make the transition to parenthood. Many luxury brands achieve this by offering diaper bags and accessories which can be bought pregnant, retaining the consumer throughout every stage of their life.

Target Mum

While the clothes are crafted for little people, most of the target market is too young to shop for themselves. This is where the strategy has to work to target mum. In fact, many retailers tap into the concept of children being a focus of parental aspirations – with many mothers styling their children in even more luxurious goods than she herself wears. It’s not a new concept, to want the best for our children but it’s more prevalent now in its extension into childrenswear. In fact, countless retailers are reporting on the experience a mum has when shopping for her daughter and the fact that her spend at the cash desk is much higher than was she just shopping for herself.

Celeb Children

Instagram and other social media channels have greatly increased the popularity of designer childrenswear. The likes of Harper Beckham, North West, and Blue Ivy Carter have become poster girls for a new generation. The latter of which will soon launch a clothing line while Harper Beckham already has her own Voguepedia page and countless parenting websites devoted to stealing her style. This celebrity child revolution has served designers well as they continue to be inspired by their style and clamour to dress these famous child faces.


Chloe Bebe has items that have been directly picked from their womenswear collection, proving the increasing affection for the “mini-me” trend. However, it’s not every womenswear or menswear trend that can be directly transcended into childrenswear – on the contrary, look carefully and you’ll see it’s the trends that are more timeless. Think of white cotton dresses, cream Macs, wool coats and the essential Peter Pan collar.

The childrenswear market is booming, last year sales reached over $135.6bn worldwide. If you want to capitalise on its potential and launch your own childrenswear brand, get in contact with Think Positive to learn more.


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